Live, online Spanish classes with instructors you will ❤️

Welcome to Good Talk, a place for people to learn and practice Spanish. There are a lot of those, we’re different. We make learning feel less like school and more like fun, here’s how…
It starts with our charismatic instructors, who are trained to motivate, inspire and help with all you need
We focus on the skills you need and teach with the things you like talking about
We curate groups of 4 students max that help them speak, share, connect and support each other
We track your progress, what you’ve learned, and what you need to learn according to your level and interests
Go at your own pace with our custom booking system. Start or pause anytime with max flexibility
Join us, stick around for a while, and you’ll speak Spanish confidently…GUARANTEED.*
Our philosophy

If your goal is to speak Spanish,
then you have to speak it with other humans.

You can’t have a conversation with an app.

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How we Teach
For brand new beginners
For beginners with some Spanish experience
For intermediate and advanced speakers
We build the FOUNDATION for conversation. The first 10 classes focus on the verbs of action and expression: I am, I like, I have, I go, I can, I want, I need, there are.
We focus on BUILDING BLOCKS. We built a 20 class track focused on real life situations, using icebreaker questions to teach grammar and vocabulary.
We focus on PRACTICE. Our conversational classes isolate the topics we enjoy talking about and the things that are happening or have happened in our lives.
Meet the G.T.I's
Nickname: El Flaco
Hometown: Tela, Honduras
Currently live in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My best friend would say I’m: Impulsive
Someday I want to: hike in Alaska and run a marathon
If I could be one place in the world, it would be: anywhere where there is good food, a nice beach and great cocktails
I'll never forget that time when: my son Lucas was born
Right Now I'm working on: a selection of short stories
Favorite expression in Spanish: ¡Pura vida!
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I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. I tried Duolingo, but I wasn’t learning to speak the language. I found Good Talk on IG and was nervous about being a beginner, but I figured this might be a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. My first class was GREAT!! My instructor was warm and welcoming, he helped me get over my anxiety, and we moved at a comfortable pace. I walked away believing I could do this, and now, I’m hooked!
Sarah H.
(let's do this)
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